Four Ways to Protect you Brand Online

Theft does not only happen in the real world but in the cyberspace as well. Many brand names are being infringed upon and their copyrights stolen in one way or another. What’s even worse is these things could happen without the rightful owners knowing. Hong Kong-based strategic communications consultancy Acara Strategy suggests ways to protect brands from any form of infringements and theft. Here are some tips for businesses.

Domain name registration

Register a domain name as early as possible. This applies even if you are not building your own website yet. Domain name registration is one way of protecting the future of your brand name. Consider registering alternate extensions other than .com as well as alternate spellings of your brand or business name.


Another way to safeguard your brand is to trademark your business name and logo. Even a small business can benefit from establishing trademarks. The process usually takes some time,effort,and money; but this step is highly important in preventing other people from using the same or closely similar name or logo.

Web content protection

Safeguarding your brand does not end with registering your domain name and trademarking your business name and logo. You have to stay vigilant in keeping your online properties such as web content safe and sound. To do this,get certification from copyright infringement authorities. Once certified,you will get a badge on your website that will serve as a warning for content thieves.


If your business has produced or developed something new and revolutionary,protecting your rights over it is a must. Get a patent for your unique product so that you can protect your brand from potential litigation and imitations.

Keep these things in mind to give your brand the necessary protection in this highly digital business world. If you don’t know how to start,consult with a reputable brand protection agency.

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